Cat Shelves: add fun and vertical space to homes of all sizes

an orange tabby sprawled on a cat shelf, with a painting of the same cat hanging beneath the shelf.
Ginger loves a good shelf. And a good painting of herself.

We have made cat shelves from recycled or found materials, as well as custom shelves. Our shelves are carpeted for comfort and traction, and to provide a satisfying scratching surface anywhere. Cat shelves are great for maximizing smaller living spaces! They’re also great for giving timid or fearful cats confidence, by allowing them the opportunity to watch their surroundings from a safe vantage point.

Overall measurements: Shelves are placed at varying heights, and can be staggered and arranged to allow smaller or older animals the ability to enjoy surveying their homes from high places. If your cats are known to be unsteady on their feet, or have conditions such as epilepsy that could result in a fall, we do not recommend installing shelves without including a guardrail or barrier, and we recommend keeping cat shelves lower to the ground. Of course, you should always work with your veterinarian to ensure your cat can safely enjoy heights higher than you can reach.

a gray and white cat looking down at the camera from a hole in a cat shelf.
two kittens sleeping on a cat shelf. one kitten's extremely fluffy tail is hanging down.

two cats on two cat shelves in a sunny window.
Instead of fighting over the cat condo, we added shelves so they could enjoy HD Bird TV without getting on each other’s nerves.