a round carpeted two-story cat condo.
Two levels and a cushy top for maximum cat comfort.
A cat sitting on top of a condo that's a semi-circle against the wall, with two levels.
A cushy, carpeted low-profile condo perfect for hallways or high-traffic areas.
a gray and white cat curled up on a wooden cat bed
Solid oak bed perfect for even the biggest cats.
A fluffy cream colored cat laying in a white cat bed.
A reimagined classic four-poster bed.
A black and gray tabby laying on a wooden cat bed.
Rugged solid oak frame with a cushy memory foam mattress.
Two black carpeted cat condos side by side on a work bench
This custom pair of black condos are so classy. We can create furniture in just about any color, wood type, or wood stain you like!
two cats on two cat shelves in a sunny window.
Instead of fighting over the cat condo, we added shelves so they could enjoy HD Bird TV without getting on each other’s nerves.