Just Cats

What’s the point of cute cat furniture if you can’t enjoy watching cats enjoy it? Here are some photos just for fun. We’d love to share your pictures of your cats enjoying their Whisker Shop furniture. If you’d like to be featured here, please email us your pictures!

an orange cat laying on a red blanket inside a cardboard box.
When the condo was in another room from where she wanted to sleep, Ginger enjoyed a nice cardboard box and blanket combo.
Two kittens looking towards the camera from the top of a round cat condo.
“Whatcha eatin’?”
an orange tabby sits on a carpeted step behind a chair, leading up to a cat tube.
This step allowed ginger to get up to her favorite hiding spot even as she started to feel her age.
A tabby cat sleeping inside a step mounted to the back of a chair leading up to a cat tube.
Ginger’s steps had a bonus nap area that she loved.
Fluffy cat toes and a tail tip barely visible on a cat shelf.
The fluffiest toes in town.
a perfect orange tabby faces the camera, laying down inside a cat tube.
These sturdy carpeted tubes offer cozy hiding spots for timid cats. They can peer out the port holes to keep an eye on their surroundings, and stay out of sight from energetic kittens.
a gray and white cat looking down at the camera from a hole in a cat shelf.
a gray tortie facing towards the camera and stretched out along a window.
Miss Kitty likes to sun herself on a shelf that extends a narrow window sill.
a black and gray tabby sitting on a work bench.
We know where the real brains behind this operation are.
A fluffy black and white cat standing on a 2x4 piece of wood.
Tycho checks out the makeshift workshop, which was often a single saw horse and the trunk of our car.
an orange tabby sprawled on a cat shelf, with a painting of the same cat hanging beneath the shelf.
Ginger loves a good shelf. And a good painting of herself.
A fluffy black and white cat face sticking out of a condo port hole.