Our (cats’) favorite toys!

Cat furniture is awesome! But it’s just one part of having happy kitties. Here are some of our kitties’ favorite toys:

A cat is staring at the camera with a toy bug in his mouth.

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The Neko Flies Kattipede is a favorite around here. It’s a “centipede” with a segmented body that looks pretty realistic crawling around the floor. These toys are incredibly durable, and we haven’t had anyone break one yet. The string attaching the bug to the stick is especially durable, although if you’ve got a cat who likes to chew, it won’t stand a chance. Just tie the two pieces back together and it’ll be fine. Incidentally, one or our furry friends likes the Kattipede well enough, but goes absolutely wild for the Kararantula.

The Cat Catcher is another favorite around here, but The Whisker Shop recommends this with a caveat: with all stick toys, but especially this toy, do not let your cats play with this unattended. The mouse is bristly, like a bottle brush, and it will fall apart easily after a few minutes of gnawing. But cats love this one so much that it’s worth making sure to store it out of their reach when it’s not out for a play session.

The Cat Dancer is an almost humorously simple toy: sturdy paper rolls on a thick wire, which flails around randomly like a bug. The drawback is that there isn’t a handle, so if you have arthritic hands or trouble with grip strength, this toy might not work for you. We have had success taping about 6 inches of the end of the wire to an old toy stick or wooden dowel to compensate for this.

Yeowww Catnip Toys, like the catnip banana, is filled with super-potent catnip, and is large enough for cats to rabbit kick with their rear legs.

Petstages Toss and Bat Toys are sturdy creatures, with well-sewn body parts, that cats love to chew, toss, and chase. We’ve had these last for years without falling apart. Some of them will contain rattles, too, which can be exciting for cats who love to make noise.

We would love to hear about your favorite cat toys!

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