Introducing your cat to new cat furniture

So you’ve picked out the perfect new cat furniture! Usually cats are quick to claim anything new as their own, often before it’s unwrapped or assembled. But what if your feline friend isn’t nearly as excited as you are, and still prefers to sit on the kitchen counter or inside that sad old cardboard box you can’t bring yourself to throw away? Here are some tricks to entice your friend to love your new furniture more than your spot on the couch.

A gray and white cat crammed into a tiny box next to an empty and beautiful oak cat bed.

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Catnip: If your cat loves catnip, rub about a tablespoon on the lower part of the condo, about shoulder height to your cat. Do the same around any platforms or inside any “hidey holes.” Then just walk away! They’ll explore in their own time.

Our cats’ current favorite catnip is Yeowww Organic Catnip. They also love silver vine and catnip blend. Silver vine is a relative of the kiwifruit, and a popular cat treat in Asia, and some cats who don’t normally respond to catnip will love silver vine. (Fun fact: only 70-80% of cats are affected by catnip! And usually kittens do not respond to the ‘nip until they are about 6 months old.)

Playtime: A toy on a stick will grab their attention, and let you guide and “point” them towards the new furniture. Take care not to let your cat jump from too high of a height if your new furniture is very tall, your cats are very small, or they’re not used to climbing. This feather on a stick toy might do the trick. If your cat prefers bugs to birds, try the Neko Flies Kattipede.

A quick note about cat toys with bells: sometimes cats are scared or irritated by the bells on many stick toys, and sometimes cats just love them because it’s the sound of playtime. If your cat is not a fan of noisy toys, just cut the ribbon or elastic holding the bell on, and breathe new life into rejected toys and playtime!

If your cat seems timid, don’t push them. Just try again later! There’s no rush. Chances are, they’ll be snoozing in their new spot soon– it just needed to be their idea, and not yours!

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