What kind of cat furniture should I get?

If this is your first piece of cat furniture or your fiftieth, The Whisker Shop has some suggestions for deciding what to get for your feline friend.

An orange cat sleeping in a flannel shirt.

Is your cat a “tree dweller” or a “bush dweller?” Many cats have no preference at all. But if your cat has a definite preference for finding the highest point in any room, you’ve got a “tree dweller.” You’ll probably want the tallest condo you can fit in your living space, or some strategically-mounted shelves, keeping in mind that if it’s taller than their current favorite high point, you’ll probably convince them to use their new furniture much more often than your tallest shelf of priceless knickknacks.

If your cat is always looking for cubbies and hidey-holes, or loves to sprawl on the floor under foot, you may have yourself a “bush dweller.” Your kitty may prefer one of our classic oak cat beds, or one of our round condos.

A black and gray tabby laying on a wooden cat bed.

A cat sitting on top of a condo that's a semi-circle against the wall, with two levels.

If your cat hides often, or gets chased by dogs or children, you might consider a taller condo or shelves, where she can keep an eye on you and the shenanigans from a safe distance.

How much space do you have to spare? Consider maximizing space by putting a cat bed on a dresser, putting a small condo under an unused table or desk, or mounting a scratching post to a door or wall.

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